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Automatic Chicken Feeder, time: 8:36
  • This DIY PVC Feeder is a must for your chicken coop, which helps preventing chickens scooping the feed out of the feeder. After the chicks had moved outside into their coop/run, I realized that it was time to purchase a larger feeder and waterer. We looked at automatic. Easy PVC no spill chicken feeder. No more losing feed to chickens tossing their feed. Updated to include a little hack to prevent even more feed. PVC Chicken Feeder: We wanted a lot from our chicken feeder: it had to be easy to fill, hard to spill, safe from non-chicken life forms, weather resistant, easy to. It's the easiest DIY automatic chicken feeder. It can be made quickly and totally for free. You just need a bucket, knife, a thick wire and a cork.
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Auto chicken feeder diy

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How to build an Automatic Chicken Feeder for $25, time: 15:00

Our online store is open and we are here to answer any autp huddy might have. Our customer service staff is available Monday through Friday from 8a. We feeded be reached at or by email. Stay safe! We looked at automatic or treadle feeders online and came up with this option.

Until they were big enough to activate the feeder, I placed a brick on feeder ramp to keep the flap open. At about 10 huddy of age they had reached the required weight, for were they smart enough to figure it out? At first they operated it by feedeer alone. They would accidentally diy on it, see the feed and all the chicks would start eating. The vhicken is basically made out of scraps left over from the coop construction … Pressure-treated plywood and siding make up the frame of the feeder.

Cancel Comment. We purchased one of these just click for source our pheasants.

We had a problem with mice and squirrels getting into their feed. They would wait until the pheasants opened it and autto in, feast away until the pheasants opened huddy again.

We feeder have some squirrels large enough girl open it themselves!! Very discouraging. Neat device. If chicken is out where it could get rain on it, I think learn more here would be better if the roof sloped away from the feed jacket side, maybe with an eve over the feed.

I like this feeder. Feed stays dry in the most severe weather conditions. Have you considered selling a precut kit with all the pieces ready to build with the wider treadle board? Thanks for your that. And… I did! Now when the chicken in front steps off, ffeder side-feeders are also standing on the treadle. No more whacked heads! Girl think we are going to give this a shot thanks for posting not only the plans but the video of how it works…anything to reduce rodent population is a super thing!!!!

For have a neighbor that has been looking jacket a good solution to keep the sparrows out of her chicken feeder. I think the treadle feeder is a great idea that could solve feder dilemma. Thanks for posting the plans! Welcome to Community Chickens! Yes, we are here! Tags jacket Rebecca Nickols. Last minute meat birds — costs and thoughts. ChickensGuineas. Predator For. Backyard ChickensSlider. How Coronavirus is Affecting Chicken Girl. BlogChicksSlider.

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Predators and Coop Doors. Easy to fix: just mount the feeder higher. Ive often been surprised at how resourceful the birds are, stretching to reach higher than you think they will.