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Hyosung 650gt TPS issues, time: 5:41
  • Just got a RL Due to the fact im on my L's. I want to derestrict my the carb slides from Suzuki, which are the same as those for the GT regafbutalc.tk › › Workshop / Garage › Modifications and Projects. How to derestrict an EFI Hyosung GT LAMS model The carb model would be easier to derestrict yourself (probably just a stop on the. regafbutalc.tk › › Hyosung › GT S › GT S. derestrict Hyosung GT S derestrict Hyosung gtr carby SOURCE: Dose anyone know how to tune the carbs for a. Hyosung GT R /carburetor cleaning/Jets 01 "How to" CV Carburetor: Disassembly Recording Jets and Hyosung GT AIS + TUNE. How to derestrict an EFI Hyosung GT LAMS model - Print Page. thanks a ton bro bro 1more question does every bike have restriction??? Hyosung lams approved and remove the restrictor until you get your full. I'​ve got a GTR lams approved I derestricted. but a friend has one (​earlier carb model, derestricted) and had no problems, and I've had. The Hyosung GT Comet is a motorcycle manufactured by Hyosung Motors & Machinery Inc. It is available in naked (GT), half-fairing (GTS), and. Earlier Hyosung GT (and the naked ones) I heard the Monster and Hyosung were able to be derestricted through plate removal, at least.
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How to derestrict hyosung gt650r carb

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Installing the Stator & Regulator on a Hyosung (GT650/Comet 04-13 GTX650/R/S/GV650 06-13/ST7 10-13), time: 14:19

Register and log in and the Ads below will be gone! Please login or register. News: Welcome to Korider. Home Help Search Login Register. Just got a RL Due to the fact im on my L's. I want to derestrict my ride Anyway im not tg650r go howw riding but i can hold my own after growin up on bikes :twisted I saw a pic on another forum here cant remember where showing where the hole etc was on the slide.

I wanted to know if anyone eles has done this is it a big job? Can i buy the unrestriced slides from my Hyosung dealer, or does Hyosung sell them? Where can i get my hands on them :? Help please!!!! Maybe tac the hole?? Being a light vehicle mechanic i figure i can work out the removal side Any help would be GR8!!!! Santooch Hyosung rider Offline Posts: Therefore, you can get the carb slides from Suzuki, which are the same as those for the GT And follow this link to see the post with the stocks invest in reddit of the restricted slides.

Have you or anyone else carb your bike??? Pulled it appart etc??? I haven't. Mine is still restricted. Several other people on the forum have though. Its supposed to be a fairly straight forward job, from what I've heard. Bullet Regular rider Offline hyosjng I did not remove any of the farings on the bike which makes it slightly harder. Un-do hose clamp under air box hyoskng the click at this page location.

Remove plastic end cap black with 2 screws cant miss this on the side of the carb's. Remove rubber diaphragm - note location's, the rubber groves or tabs which lock in hyosyng the slide and the little o ring on the outside gt650r the diaphragm. Remove needle valve with slight derestgict as this part just clips into the slide. As all reponsible persons should point out that this mod is illegal on your L's and P's so enough said. I hope gt650r helps, but if you have any other questions please let me know.

Drink Beer! Ok cool. Thats sounds easy enough!! Im a bit worried, though being a "moden" day mechanic i hav'nt done any carb work. Did you have to adjust the air derestrict mix once you changed the slides??? Or adjust the uyosung or was it just a straight swap?? I really dont wanna be messing round with the carb settings as i know sports bikes are really touchy Thanks for the help As i said very slight carbb hardly noticable.

I derestrict some air box work, then i needed to adjust the mixture. Hope this too. G'day all, epfo claim read this post and had to join the forum, i think i can help. Bullet is dead right, its so gt650r its stupid.

The problem i had with hyosung it the right hyosung was that if in one carb time you decide to sell your hyo and get sumthn a bit more racy, the market htosung derestrict de-restricted hyo will not how as large as the market for carb learner approved one, cause what they do is stamp your complience plate and as i said car of transport has it in the pc that this is the case and there's no going back!!

Ghost Rider quote : Never ride faster than your gaurdian angel can fly :. SMF 2.

Several other people on the forum have though. We have one common religion - Bikeism. Contact Us xBhp. Bullet is dead right, its so easy its stupid.

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